Maker: Past, Present and Future

March 2020 — Black Thursday

USDC to the rescue

As an emergency response Maker holders elected to onboard USDC to wrangle the peg back in line, and it worked! But there was an ideological cost. It was our first custodial, blacklistable, centralized asset.

2021: The Year of the Farmer

Direct Lending

When MCD launched in November 2019 DeFi was pretty much Maker, Compound and Uniswap. However, a few months later Aave V2 was deployed offering probably one of the best retail lending experiences to end users. Cross collateralization, lots of assets, multiple stablecoins options made Aave the killer lending app.

The Future of Maker

In my opinion the future of Maker is delegation. Instead of messing around with individual assets, MakerDAO can focus on due diligence at a high level. Evaluating whether to extend DAI minting rights to entire protocols.



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Sam MacPherson

Sam MacPherson

Protocol Engineering @ MakerDAO. Co-founder and CTO of BellwoodStudios — making unique gaming experiences.